Week 10: Article

5 Techniques for Enhancing Contrast in Digital Photos

By Darren Rowse


This article on enhancing contrast was found at Digital Photography School, a very helpful and reliable website I have used for past articles. This week we have been working with Photoshop to adjust the exposure and contrast of various images, whether they are under exposed or over exposed. I picked this article because it has several ways to do just that. It covers curves and masks, dodging and burning, unsharpening contrast, apply image, and selective color. The one that interested me the most was working with curves and masks because that is what we experimented in the last class.

In the article, they showed an image with a single curve adjustment that only made a small difference. Rowsw’s tip was to make 3 separate curves: one for the sky, one for the water, and one for the shore. This way, he was able to adjust each one separately so that they would stand out from one another. This is most helpful for black and white photos because the colors are so close to one another. The resulting image was much more detailed. The article said, “This is a very powerful method, and may be all you ever need to make your contrast adjustments,” so I will definitely work to improve my curve and mask skills.


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