Week 10: Color Corrections

In class today, we experimented with the various ways to color correct an image. Here I have several before and after pictures, each using a different type of adjustment layer to correct the colors. I’ve ranked them from my favorite to my least favorite techniques.

1) Hue / Saturation

This is probably my favorite way to adjust the colors of an image. I like the control of being able to adjust colors, the brightness, and the saturation all on one panel. I would probably use this method the most.

2) Photo Filter

This is my second favorite method due to its easiness, yet it has a variety of different filters to change your image. You can even make your own filter out of any color you want, which is a great idea.

3) Color Balance

This is my third favorite method because of the amount of control you have in editing, because you can adjust shadows, midtones, and highlights separately. However, it seems like it could be very time consuming to do to every picture.

4) Curves

Curves is my fourth favorite method because it is one that I have never dealt with before this class. I still have to get used to it so its a little hard for me to use. However, I know it is important to know so I will keep practicing.

5) Auto Color

This is definitely my least favorite method. It’s easy, however you have barely any control over the final result. In this example, I actually think the after picture looks worse than before. So I probably wont be using it too often.


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