Week 11: Article

5 Black and White Photography Tips

by Darren Rowse


I found this article at the Digital Photography School website, which I have probably used several times now. I can find almost anything that I am interested in learning on that site, so I use it often! I looked up some tips on Black & White photography because I had found it a little difficult to enhance my B&W photos enough so that it would really make a difference. These 5 tips were very useful, though some I already knew.

The first tip was to shoot in RAW. This I believe has been my biggest problem, I had edited my photos as JPEGs which doesn’t allow for as much control when adjusting the different tones. I definitely want to start shooting in RAW now that I have a better grasp at photo editing in Adobe Camera RAW and Photoshop. The second tip, which I already knew, was to shoot in color so that you can make your own adjustments later. The third tip was to shoot with a low ISO to prevent noise, which is very visible in B&W. The forth tip was to actually shoot in low contrast situations, which I found surprising. The fifth and final tip was to pay close attention to the details of the composition. The article said to “pay particularly attention to shadows and highlights which will become a feature of your shot”. These 5 tips will be very helpful in future edits.


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