Week 12: Senior Art Show

This week we took a trip during class to the senior art show on campus. There were 4 great artists represented in the show, and the artist who focused on photography was Morgan Taylor. The subjects of her photos were “everyday things viewed in extraordinary ways.” They were basically things that she would see in her daily activities, including coffee, the local market, the metro, and street signs. The several qualities that were consistent throughout all of her pictures were muted colors, shallow depth of field, and focus on small details. There was also a lot of repetition in her pictures, especially with lines. I would describe her style as sort of rustic, vintage, or organic, due to the texture and the gray/brown tones.

The photograph that stood out to me was the one titled “Success,” which was of a girl opening a fortune cookie. The focus was on her hands, which had black and white coloring, however you could see the warm golden color of the cookie between her hands. Even the details of the crumbs that fell on the table stood out. I thought it was a very interesting photo. This inspired me as a photographer because it showed me that you don’t have to have extremely unique subjects to make unique photos. You can take small, simple things, and shoot them in a way that makes it eye-catching. It is very important for a photographer to be able to do just that if they want to be successful, and it’s what I will strive to do!


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